Hon Tre Island

Nha Trang city has long been well known as its beautiful scenery, clear blue sea, along with numerous famous scenic spots, including Hon Tre Island. It is the largest island in Nha Trang Bay, with an area of 36km² and the highest peak of about 460m
Far about 5km from Nha Trang city to the east, 3.5km from Cau Da Wharf, Hon Tre Island, also known as Bamboo Island is definitely situated off the coast, facing Nha Trang City, which makes Nha Trang Bay become airtight and smooth waves.
It is also the convergence of all advantages on natural and social aspects in Nha Trang city. Tourists to Hon Tre Island can observe the panoramic views of the other farther islands.
Hon Tre Island
Hon Tre Island - Source: Image from Panoramio
As the owner of the prime location with beautiful natural beaches, pristine flora, and temperate climate, Hon Tre Island has been favorable for the development of ecotourism and leisure tourism. In addition, Hon Tre Mountain, also known as Dam Mong Mountain, which stands sentinel as a crocodile crawling into the sea right in the island, shields Nha Trang Bay, one of the world's 29 most beautiful bays.
Despite influenced by humans' impacts, the island generally retains inherent pristine beauty with its boundless forest covering the mountainsides. Cable car connecting Cau Da Wharf to Hon Tre Island, which is famous for the world's longest cable car, much facilitates for tourists' trip. Hon Tre Island gradually becomes an appealing tourist attraction in Nha Trang.
Cable car to Hon Tre Island -  Nha Trang
Cable car to Hon Tre Island - Nha Trang - Source: Image from Flickr
The north of Hon Tre Island is Tru Beach with one side overlooking the sea and other side leaning back the stretching hills. Tru Beach is one of the most ideal and most beautiful beaches in Nha Trang, especially the purity of the sea water, of the sand as well as its surrounding environment. The waves on the beach are usually relatively moderate thanks to its special location, along with Hon Tre Island behind as a bulwark against ocean waves. Notably, it is also one of the key investment areas under Vin Group's construction, one of which is Vinpearl Land amusement complex with numerous world-class and unique services.
Currently, there are 7 projects having been invested and deployed: Vinpearl Resort and Spa, Vinpearl ecotourism and Waterpark, Vinpearl Cutural Park, Hon Tre Cultural Park, Vinpearl villas and golf courses. It is also the highlight attracting tourists to Hon Tre in particular, and Nha Trang travel in general. The professionalism and dynamism of Vin Group has long been a trademark of their products. In addition, those who would like to enjoy tranquil moments should set their foot in a small fishing village located right at the foot of the mountain.  Tourists to the village will have a chance to explore and ascertain about the customs and traditions of the local people, as well as enjoy delicious specialties.
Hon Tre Island - VinPearl Land
Hon Tre Island - VinPearl Land - Source: Image from Panoramio
Along with Tru Beach, Bay Lagoon (Dam Bay) is indispensable attraction when referring Hon Tre Island. As a newborn and pristine tourist attraction, it will offer tourists a sense of peace when setting foot on here.
Tourists will also find comfortable to immerse in white sand beaches and clear blue seawater. Additionally, bathing here is truly safe thanks to be surrounded by mountains. There are numerous wonderful coral reefs which are not inferior compared to other coral waters in Nha Trang. It is thus also an alluring tourist attraction greatly delighting sea-lovers.
Bay Lagoon in Hon Tre Island
Bay Lagoon in Hon Tre Island - Source: Image from Panoramio
Referring to Nha Trang travel in general and Hon Tre in particular, Con Se Tre Island also attracts a large numbers of tourists. Situated in the south of Hon Tre Island, far about 3km from Nha Trang coastal, Con Se Tre Island leans back on the hill with lush green trees and colorful flowers. The beach here is extremely beautiful and safe with clear blue water and calming waves. Fine sand surrounding is interestingly convenient for walking on the beach. In particular, pretty self-contained and poetic motels in the forest are more and more attractive for tourists.
Tourists will actually feel the bounty of the pure sea breeze, passionate seawater, and mellow waves. They all make their mind relaxed and refreshed. It is pleasure to enjoy the fresh and pure here to forget the anxiety in the hustling and hustling life. With its potential, Con Se Tre Island is also very suitable for relaxing, swimming, scuba diving, fishing, or hiking...
Con Se Tre Island
Con Se Tre Island - Source: Image from Panoramio
Thanks to its existing advantages, Hon Tre Island is now the focus of both domestic and foreign tourists. It gradually becomes the most prominent entertainment satisfying the needs of tourists. Come to Hon Tre to immerse in the wonderful paradise with blue sea, white sand, and golden sunshine. It is worth an ideal attraction in Nha Trang tourism.