Dong Van Town

Dong Van is located on the plateau at an average height of 1,000-1,600m above sea level, 160km from Ha Giang. Here there is an old town and market with hundreds of years of architecture whose ancient, deep-seated beauty has left visitors exhausted after a long journey to Dong Van.
The old town is located in the center of small Dong Van town (formerly of Dong Quan district, Nguyen Binh, Tuong Van, Tuyen Quang province). At the beginning of the 20th century, the old town was inhabited by only Mong, Tay and Hoa families.
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When it came to occupation, the French had planned and left important emphasis on planning and architecture, especially Dong Van Market, built in stone in the 1920s almost intact to this day. 
The Old Town and Dong Van Old Market have bold features with thick stone walls, large poles, one or two-story brick roofs on sturdy wooden trusses.Another feature found here is the high-hanging lantern in front of the house to light up at night, dispelling the harsh cold of the Rocky Plateau.
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Since 2006, Dong Van district has organized "Ancient City Night" on the 14th, 15th, 16th lunar month. In the "Old Town", households in the Old Quarter have the same set of red lanterns; At the same time, other activities such as displaying brocade ethnic groups, demonstrating and selling traditional dishes of ethnic groups with the expectation of attracting tourists like Hoi An.
Dong Van market area is not wide, only three rows of low-rise buildings in the shape of U. Previously, the old town people (only about 40 households) are trading here. The Dong Van Market meets every Sunday.
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So every Saturday evening before the market, each pair of Mong men, Dao, Giay ... again to each other walking here, blowing, wine drinking and dancing; In the harsh winter climate, each youth group burns fire and gathers fire.
Current status of the old town is old, degraded; many new houses with the architecture of the tube grow up severely damaged ancient architecture. Traveling in Dong Van town retains traditional cultural values ​​that have not been commercialized. The immediate problem for the local government is to preserve the old quarter which is very vulnerable, on the basis of promoting the activities of traditional identity.